Summit US Case Studies Brainshark Case Study 2

Sales Enablement, Technology, and BTG’s Best Product Launch Ever

Sponsor Name: Brainshark

Speaker: Jason Gwilliam, Director, Sales Training, BTG

Throughout a series of acquisitions, BTG needed to ensure their sales reps were up-to-speed on the latest, ever-evolving company and product information. Their LMS wasn’t going to meet their needs, so they looked for new ways to revamp their sales training strategy.

Join Jason Gwilliam, BTG’s Director of Sales Enablement and Execution, to hear how sales enablement technology has helped the company transform its approach to training and communication, and improve readiness across their sales team.

This session will cover:

  • Sales enablement strategies to support growth and change
  • Using tech to prep sellers for key product launches and new messaging
  • Effective approaches for sales coaching, practice and knowledge retention