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How Accuity Created a Sales Enablement Program from the Ground Up

Sponsor Name: Brainshark

Speaker: Dina Berger, Global Head of Digital Learning, Accuity

At data technology company Accuity, sales reps and subject matter experts were spending valuable time at in-person training workshops. On top of that, Accuity’s global head of digital learning, Dina Berger, had little bandwidth to produce learning content, so she needed to guarantee that the training she did create stuck with reps in diverse selling situations.

The company needed a more efficient way to deliver sales training so it was accessible on-demand and could be updated and distributed quickly.

With the help of sales enablement technology, Dina is now creating a highly efficient sales readiness program that will enable 500 customer-facing reps across Accuity.

This session will cover:

  • Content authoring capabilities that allow you to ‘do more with less’
  • Reinforcement through continuous learning and video coaching certifications
  • Sales enablement technology as reps’ go-to resource from day one