Summit US B2B Boot Camp

B-to-B Boot Camp

Looking to build on your teams’ knowledge and skills? Then you need to ensure a strong foundation in b-to-b marketing. SiriusDecisions Learning is thrilled to present a Summit learning experience like never before: B-to-B Boot Camp!

B-to-B Boot Camp is a fully interactive, on-site certification program, bringing to life the fundamentals of b-to-b marketing in a fun environment.

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What You'll Learn

Attendees will walk away with a solid knowledge base in:

Who is your organization selling to?

Personas, buyer roles, relative targeting, TAM

What is your organization selling?

Demand type, Needs Aperture 

How do you bring your offering to market?

Routes to Market (direct, indirect, hybrid)

Who Should Attend?

Novices and experts alike will enjoy the benefits of highly engaging instructor-led content, exercises and peer-to-peer collaboration based on the building blocks of B2B marketing.

Regardless of your role, you won’t be disappointed with these additional perks:

Custom icon "Learning Token"

A FREE learning token to all participants to complete certification

Custom icon two people

Opportunities to win learning tokens for someone on your team

Icon gift wrapped present

T-shirt giveaways and more

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