Summit US B2B Boot Camp

B-to-B Boot Camp

Looking to build on your teams’ knowledge and skills? Then you need to ensure a strong foundation in b-to-b marketing. SiriusDecisions Learning is thrilled to present a Summit learning experience like never before: B-to-B Boot Camp!

B-to-B Boot Camp is a fully interactive, on-site certification program, bringing to life the fundamentals of b-to-b marketing in a fun environment.

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What You'll Learn

Attendees will walk away with a solid knowledge base in:

Demand type
Relative targeting
Buyer roles
The buyer's journey
Demand type
Campaign planning
The customer lifecycle
Demand units
The Demand Unit Waterfall®
Service-level agreements

Who Should Attend?

Novices and experts alike will enjoy the benefits of highly engaging instructor-led content, exercises and peer-to-peer collaboration based on the building blocks of b-to-b marketing.

Regardless of your role, you won’t be disappointed with these additional perks:

Custom icon "Learning Token"

A FREE learning token to all participants to complete certification

Custom icon two people

Opportunities to win learning tokens for someone on your team

Icon gift wrapped present

T-shirt giveaways and more

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